CNC Machining

Fast & Accurate

Milling is a high intensity technique that requires careful monitoring and assistance from EDM metalling. Therefore, we produce a higher quality and more precise product by transferring the part under production between the milling and EDM machines as the job requires. 

A machine however will only perform as well as the machinist who operates it. Due to our experience we use our CNC machines to do more difficult and technical jobs than the competitors can with the same machines. Our professionals have developed orginal techniques such as drilling narrow holes as long as 90 mm, cutting large and thin planes (with a surface area up to 5000mm^2) with an average flatness of 0.03-0.04mm, in addition to other original techniques we have developed throughout decades in the field.

CNC Milling

Our CNC Milling machine utilises both 4th and 5th axis capabilities at high RPM speeds of 12,000 leading to increased accuracy and precision at a significantly shorter production time. 


  • 4th and 5 axis
  • Spindle @ 12,000 RPM

CNC Turning

We are using ‘Haas’ machines to cut metals such as steel, titanium, invar alloys and more. Further, we use the turning machine to create many of the electrodes used in Die Sinking EDM. This allows us to meet your specific needs in house without delay or additional costs to your job.


  • Up to 7000 RPM
  • Capable of machining a variety of metals

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