Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

5th Axis & Spirals

We distinguish ourselves from competitors as a top provider and innovator in the area of electro discharge machining.

The advantage of the EDM is that it brings precision machining to softer metals that require tight jobs which otherwise could not be completed by only standard milling. Most machining companies complete only the milling portion of the job and then outsource the remaining labor to an “EDM company”. We never do that nor are we ever forced to compromise a job by using a more coarse technique.

Despite the additional cost and time, EDM provides for a more efficient cut that won't need replacement in the future. On the other hand, other companies that do not use EDM make parts that fail sooner costing your company more money and headache in the long run. Because we use both EDM and Milling machines in our factory we will never compromise your quality or sacrifice your time. We provide a higher quality  and more efficient product on time, every time.

EDM Wire Cutting

Our electro erosion wire cutting machines(s) finely machine the most technical parts with tight tolerances. In addition to 5th axis (spiralling) capabilities, wire cutting increases accuracy and leaves a clean surface finish promoting more efficient air flow. 

Efficient air flow assists in heat exchange and prevents machines from overheating and failing in the long run. (efficient heat exchange - elap) 


  • Conventional wire size: 0.15mm - 0.3mm
  • 5th axis capabilities
  • Minimum wire OD 0.05mm
  • Best surface finish Ra 0.1

EDM Die Sinking

Die sinking is another method of EDM that masters jobs which conventional milling cannot. Our state of the art Sinking machines feature 4th axis capabilities for specialty products 

Further, many partners have benefited from our innovative solutions. We have developed a technique that can drill a deep, narrow hole through hard metal pieces such as Titanium and Tungsten Carbide. Please be sure to check our Gallery and ask us for more information.


  • Best surface finish Ra 0.05
  • Has a 4th axis -very specific advantage- for specialty products

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